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Vegan Cafes?

By Traveller June 18, 2018

Vegan Cafes?

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By Sumit Traveller June 18, 2018

Which are the locally known vegan cafes in the downtown area? Any suggestions to try local delicacies.

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My friend, I would recommend Etnosvet at first. They are pricey buy I guarantee unforgettable experience. Maitrea is another place to go (meal around 10 Euro).
For budget ones I will recommend Loving Hut in Bila Labut shopping mall.
Local June 24, 2018
Bistro Puro - fastfood with cakes and small meals made from local and seasonal ingredients. Near by Wenceslas square (Vinohradská street 44)
Local June 19, 2018
Excellent vegan icecream in Creme de la Creme in the centre of Prague (Husova 12, Prague 1), the best are VeganSaltedPeanuts and VeganChocolate


BAR COBRA at Holesovice Prague 7 (not only vegan, but they have something delicious vegan to eat every day) very nice atmosphere after dark, good music coffee and drinks, up to 2AM.
Local June 19, 2018
I know one great vegan cafe where they even have vegan version of czech tradition food - Moment. Really worth a visit.
Local June 18, 2018
Thank you Nikola
Hello Sumit,

you can definitely try these places:

1) Forkys
2) Herbivore
3) Cafe Moment
4) My Raw café
5) Several vegan option also offers Maitrea vegetarian restaurant

Have a great stay in Prague
Local Guru June 18, 2018
Thank you Dana for your suggestions, this would be of great help. We love your city, it’s loaded with the architectural marvel and beautiful alleys of the old town. Our first day into the city, and lovely it.