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Cheap breakfast close to Halkrooms Hotel

By Traveller June 27, 2018

Cheap breakfast close to Halkrooms Hotel

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By Kemao Traveller June 27, 2018

Hi There,

Next month, I'm going to Prague and I've booked my room at Halkrooms Hotel. So, I'd like to ask you if you know some cheap places to have a nice breakfast around this area.



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According to Farmers Market - even closer to your stay is Farmers Market on "Tylák" - Tylovo square, its just 400 meters from your Hotel! This market is open from Monday till Friday from 8am till 6pm
Website (only in CZ language:( )

Your stay is in nice location, little bit hipsterish with many cosy cafes, I like Cafe B Braun, very close to your stay (at I.P.Pavlova, ca 200m from your stay), open from 8am, offers breakfasts and its very nice place, the very stylish interior was created by world-famous architect and designer Eva Jiřičná
Local June 27, 2018
Thank you very much Ralda.
Czechs are not big with breakfasts :( However I highly recommend the Farmers Market, located on Jirzeho z Podebrad, just 2 trams stops from your place. Market takes place from Wednesday to Sunday and you can buy nice breakfast there or in surrounding cafes.
Local June 27, 2018
Mezi srnky recommended by Dana is awesome, hipster'ish place, however not cheap ;) On other hand it depends what do you mean by cheap, you can eat breakfast for 5-10 Euro almost everywhere .
Thanks for the info.
Hello Miguel,

you can try Mezi srnky or Cafedu. Nice cakes, coffee, sandwiches,,,:)

Local Guru June 27, 2018
Dana, thanks very much for the information.