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where can i buy interesting but cheap costume jewellery in Prague

By Traveller November 9, 2016

where can i buy interesting but cheap costume jewellery in Prague

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By roopa Traveller November 9, 2016

also local vegetarian specialities of Prague . What should I try
lacy Cotton clothes pl Will I get them in Prague ?

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Thank you for your prompt reply Carol and thank you for your information re the annual sale ! wow ,would have loved to come there . I am coming to Prague in summer of 2017 not in December !

i don't eat meat or fish or any animal food . I do eat eggs. I would love to try some local dish that was special to Prague which is vegetarian ..
I am not looking for second hand clothes but in Italy I found lovely cotton lacy skirts and tops , long tops and dresses that were incredible . I was wondering if Prague would have something along those lines
re jewellery I am looking for new imitations of genuine stuff and fun floral crystal stuff .
Traveller November 9, 2016
I need a little more information about what you are looking for. Google for vegetarian restaurants--there are lots and all menus have at least one choice of vegetarian.

The lacy clothes in winter doesn't sound likely but there are lots of second hand clothes-only shops with very low prices, usually 49 crowns ($2) per piece. They have some jewelry, too. Stores are pretty reasonable too, for jewelry, mostly made in China.

Do you want new or used jewelry? If you are in Prague Dec. 10th, come to the InterContinental Hotel near Charles Bridge. The International Women's Association will be holding their annual sale (8am-4 pm) and there are literally hundreds of pieces of jewelry at very low prices. I know because I am in charge of that stall.
Good luck,
Local November 9, 2016
From Scotland i was looking for jewellery too but I will be there o 15 Nov sorry i will miss your sale patricia
Patricia Traveller September 28, 2018