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Few questions about Prague

By Traveller July 11, 2018

Few questions about Prague

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By Aleksandra Traveller July 11, 2018

Hello! I will be visiting Prauge next months and I would like to get reliable info from locals :) here are my questions:
1. What are places that may be interesting for young people(21 yr)?

2. Where can I find stationery store, that sells for example notebooks with Czech captions on the cover?

3. What are some good karaoke places?

4. Are there any Arcades in Prague? Like claw machines and stuff

5. Where can I buy souvenirs, that are cheaper than in the city centre?

6. Is there any place, I can store my luggage for a few hours?

Thanks in advance!

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1: young people like pubs, we have hundreds! Go to the river, sit outside and enjoy life.

2. Look for a "papírnictví" for your notebooks

3. Karaoke: see Google

4. No arcades as you describe

5. Souvenirs are everywhere, just do a bit of shopping first

6. You can leave luggage at the main train station, don't lose the ticket!
Local July 14, 2018
Karaoke :
Legerova 78
Local July 11, 2018
Hello Aleksandra ! I try to answer your questions :)
1. It really depends on what you like to do in your free time. Young people usually hang out during summer in the beer gardens, parks, local markets, local festivals or nigh pubs/ bars, paddle-boat on the river, outdoor cinema, etc. Naplavka, or Beer Garden in Letna park are very cool places where locals go to grab a beer in the evening.

2. Lokal stationery stores are: Koh-i-noor or McPen. You may be able to find some notebooks with Czech caption in Luxor Bookstore or Knihy Dobrovsky bookstore.

3. Ehm I can't really give you my personal recommendation, I am sorry. We don't really go to karaoke as locals. After few beers we sing on the street :D There is no need for karaoke :D Maybe try to search on Tripadvisor or I hope someone else here will answer this question for you ;)

4. If you like arcade games try Joystick bar (arcade gaming bar). If you are looking for claw machines that probably Matejska Pout would be something for you: https://www.matejskapout.cz

5. Try Havel's market. It is in the city centre, you are able to find good cheap souvenirs there. Make sure you have cash with you.

6. You can store it on the main train station (Hlavni Nadrazi) or Main Bus station Florenc. There are also other storage places: https://luggagestorageprague.com

Hope this can be helpful for you :) Feel free to reach me in personal message if you have more questions or if you need more details...
Local July 11, 2018
Thank You so much for providing me with the information, I really appreciate :) If I have any further questions, I'll make sure to write You!