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Theatre in Prague?

By Traveller July 18, 2018

Theatre in Prague?

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By Alexa Traveller July 18, 2018

I am trying to take my boyfriend out to see a play for his birthday (it's in a couple days - a later addition to my plan for him). Any recommendations, for something other than mainstream musicals or Shakespeare? I would like a couple options in case things book out.


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Oh, I forgot the Czech theater pride - BLACK LIGHT THEATRES!
The best one is Laterna Magika- the new scene of czech National Theatre. Unfortunately this one has Theatre Holidays and starts from 24th August new season.

Other Black Light Thetres are focused on tourists, so they have no holidays. Try the very first czech black light theatre called "Black Light Theatre Srnec" or other BL Theatres: Image Theatre or Black Light Theatre Of Prague
Local July 19, 2018
and one of my favorite: Ta Fantastika:
Hi Alexa,
summer is bad time for Theatre, its time of Theatre Holidays!
That is why most Theater performances are targeted at tourists during Summer!

Try Stavovské divadlo (Estates Theatre), in which are played Mozarts (and Shakesperae´s - sorry:( ) plays during summer. On Friday (20.7.) and Saturday (21.7.) there are Shakespeare´s plays (COMEDY OF ERRORS & TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING & JULIUS CAESAR)
Then are there Holidays till 9th August, when Mozart´s Don Giovanni opera begins!

Mozart is Prague's pride, so there is a company that plays during summer puppet performances of Mozart's operas - se the website of this company (National Marionette Theatre) for program:
Local July 19, 2018
Hello Alexa,

during summer most of the local theaters are closed (theatre holidays). Besides that the plays are performed in Czech so it wouldn´t probably be very attractive for your boyfriend (and for you either).

There is two summer scenes (open air theatres) called Letní scéna divadla Ungelt and Letní scéna Vyšehrad. But again - all plays in Czech.

Only those very popular places for tourista are now open (Hybernia theater for musicals/ballet or Municipal house for concerts, sometimes in Rudolfinum there are concerts as well but not very often these day, St- George basilica - concerts, Lobkowitz palace - concerts).

Local Guru July 19, 2018