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Underground clubs

By Traveller July 19, 2018

Underground clubs

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By Giorgia Traveller July 19, 2018

Im heading to prague between the 7 - 11 of August and was wondering how to find local underground clubs (techno and house). Am sick of touristy clubs such as Roxy, would rather know where the locals go!!

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thank you!! Lastly have you heard of microna? have been told its a secret underground club of which you only know the location.. but have also read that it closed down recently. True?
Hi,I don't know about Microna but surly Komiks is organizing techno pop up parties in different locations. And you always can go on Letna in open air Stalin bar, where DJs are playing as well.
thanks.. so helpful
And check Ankali
I wanted to answer the same :)
Local July 20, 2018