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Fun train

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By eti Traveller September 5, 2018

Can you tell me about this train?

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Or do you mean this local Tip: ?
In the description is most information. You can join ride via "Semmering" with walk through Prokop Valley for example (get off at the Praha-Jinonice station, then walk ca 1500 meters to the start of nature reserve "Prokop Valley" : )
Ralda Local September 7, 2018
or do you mean some express trains in historical look, steam trains? For example this Sunday from Prague to Říčany goes historical steam train with original saloon car of the first Czech president.
Or next weekend, 15th September is Prague Railway day. The fest will be held at the railway stations Praha-Smíchov and Praha-Uhříněves. Between these stations will operate historical steam trains.
Ralda Local September 7, 2018
Hi, what do you mean by "Fun Train"? Maybe you mean the tourist train, which looks like a train but runs on a car road. There are some companies that operate tourist train rides from the Old Town Square to the Castle, even they are claiming it is an eco train, it is one of the tourist traps in Prague and you should avoid them. The ride is really overpriced (prices are set to tourists) and if you want to save money, avoid these trains.
Vojta Local September 6, 2018