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Spas in Prague

By Traveller July 22, 2016

Spas in Prague

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By Beth-Ellen Traveller July 22, 2016

Where can one get good spa treatments in Prague?

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Hello Beth-Ellen,

You can definitely try Boscolo Spa ( the pool and massages are there just amazing. You can visit it even if you don't stay in the hotel.


Local July 22, 2016
I think the most important stuff was mentioned above, but there is one more thing nobody talked about yet. A beer spa...I you're laying in a beer...with a tap right next to you can drink beer while you're laying in beer. Probably many guys dream :-D
Check it out here:
Michal - Explore Prague owner
Local July 22, 2016
Dear Beth-Ellen,

if you mean something like nice wellness place (massage/whirlpool/sauna, etc), I can highly recommend Infinit.

I am going myself to their Holešovice branch already 10 years now. It is my source of energy!, really:)))

The most luxurious is their branch called Chateau St. Havel, however it is a bit out of the downtown.

Another option is their famous branch in Vysočany, it is located in hotel and this place is top sauna/wellness place in Prague. There is also a swimming pool, gym, etc. However in the evenings it might be a bit packed.

I also wrote a short article about Infinit here:

I really hope this will help you at least a bit and maybe see you in sauna:-)

Have a nice evening.

Kind regards.


There is a spa called 'Mcely' (M sell' ee) which is very luxurious, so I hear. An American winemaker from California bought a castle that was a ruin, from a woman, fell in love with her daughter in the process, and now they live there with their young daughter. They sell many of their own products and the vibe might be more familiar, rather than Czech-run. Google it--they have a beautiful website. Nothing is that far away from Prague--it is a small country. Let me know how it is, if you go. Carol
Local July 22, 2016
I recommend you to check the city of Karlovy Vary. It is beautiful and famous for its spas. Otherwise the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Prague has a great one but it is bit expensive though.
Local July 22, 2016
Sorry have no idea.... We do bike tours and rental
Local July 22, 2016