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I was just wondering which area of the city you would recommend us to stay in?

By Traveller April 15, 2019

I was just wondering which area of the city you would recommend us to stay in?

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By Silje Traveller April 15, 2019

Intersted in;
- arcitechture
- street art
- art
- local designers shops (not the high price once)
- some night life
- good food and drinks

- prefer old town style areas...if not too touristic...


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Most locals don’t like old town, but I’ve lived here for 4 years and I think it’s a really good introduction to Prague. The architecture and cobblestone streets are beautiful, and most of what you will probably want to see (even less popular sights) will be in Prague 1 (Old town, new town, and mala strana across the river). You can easily take trams, buses, and the metro to the DOX gallery (which I recommend), Karlin, the TV tower in Zizkov, Cross Club in Holesovice, etc. I recommend getting an Airbnb somewhere around Old Town or New Town. Enjoy your time here!
Local April 16, 2019
As a native here, I would NOT live in Prague 1 unless you want to be hoarded by tourists your entire time. Far more interesting and intimate is the adjacent area, Prague 2. A wonderful square there is Namesti Miru (Peace Square) and a beautiful theatre bordering it, with dozens and dozens of hip coffee shops, beer taverns and shops and boutique -- a very international section of the city not overwhelmed by the day tourists And just a 10-15 minute walk (7 minute tram ride) to Wenceslas Square, from which you can easily walk all of the Old Town.
Local April 15, 2019
As a local I absolutely can NOT recommend town parts like Old or New Town! Its "live museum", no living city! No local lives there - only airbnb flats and corporate apartments, most of restaurants/pubs/clubs visited only by tourist, overpriced... But yes, old historical architecture there!
I totally agree with the recommendations from Petr!
I just dont understand the fascination of town part Letna, so I recommend better stay in Karlin, Holesovice (they are neighborhoods).
For example from the Karlin square it is 30 minutes walk to Wencelas square and the route goes through historical town part ("Na Příkopě" street - pedestrian historical street)
Local April 15, 2019
Thanks! :) Very helpful
If you prefer old town style, choose Žižkov or Vinohrady, these are oldest town parts (Žižkov was part of Vinohrady till end of 19th century). My personal meening: choose border Žižkov-Karlin ;)
Ralda Local April 15, 2019
Hi, basically there are four locations, where partly young people live, partly young travellers stay (hotels/hostels/Airbnb) - Vinohrady (Prague 2), Karlin (Prague 8), Zizkov (Prague 3) and Letna / Holesovice (Prague 7). Each district is unique and beautiful, below you can find some characteristics of each of them:

Vinohrady - full of local cafés, bars, mostly historic buildings. Farm markets at Jiriho z Podebrad square Wed-Sat morning. 20min walking down to Wenceslas Sq. (city centre)

Karlin - also quite near to the city centre, with many local restaurants and cafés. The district was very damaged in 2002 by floods, now there is a mixture of new architecture and old buildings and it looks fabulous.

Zizkov - it is a very original part of the city - full of pubs, not that expensive as blue-collars used to live there.

Letna + Holesovice - probably the best for you, as you can find an old architecture, lots of street-art places (Vnitroblok, Letna park, DOX), cafés, shops... basically we call it hipster district. Not that touristic tho.
Local April 15, 2019
Thank you so much for your detailed answer, very helpful! :)
The best area for your stay is Old Town or New Town.