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Where is the best nightclub in Prague?

By Traveller January 24, 2017

Where is the best nightclub in Prague?

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By Vilde Traveller January 24, 2017

My friend and I are going to Prague for just one night. First were going out to eat on a nice resturant. Then we want to go to a sick nightclub! But there are so many different answers and opinions on which ones the best!So where do we go? Which one is actually the best?

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Hard to answer as Prague offers a wide variety of night venues for almost any taste. There are over 20 really popular and worth of visit clubs in the city.
It depends which environment and music you prefer. Also, timing is important as some clubs are really fun at the specific time. For example, it might be boring to visit "Harley Bar" at 11:00 pm but if you come there at 1:00 am on Friday night, you won't forget it.
Usually, for a great night people start in the bar with light house music, then go for a big night club with a special DJ guest and after go for the afterparty places. If you will manage all three places - you will say "That was the sickest night we have"
Tell me which music and vibe you like and I will tell you the best fit for the bar, Night club and afterparty venue ;)
Wish you a great trip in Prague!
Kind regards,

Local February 15, 2017
Hi Vilde you can try Sasazu, Duplex or Cheers Club @ Truhlarska 23.
Local January 24, 2017