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Bars, pubs and clubs for meeting girls

By Traveller January 24, 2017

Bars, pubs and clubs for meeting girls

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By Manfred Traveller January 24, 2017

I'm a 20yo german male going to Prague with 4 of my friends for 5 days beginning February 26th. Now i'm searching for good bars/pubs and good clubs. I prefer locations, were it's very likely to meet girls for me. Additionally it would be wonderful going to places you can't find at home in munich.
In hope for your help

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If you want to meet girls I would suggest to visit M1 Lounge. Its quite busy every Friday.
You can check out Chapeau Rouge by the late night (1 am). This club in recent years got to be a bit touristy, nevertheless you still going to find a very thrilling vibe there.
For the bars it is difficult to suggest as I need to know which environment you are searching for. Every place has its own atmosphere and certain age of people.
Local February 16, 2017