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Traditional bar with live music?

By Traveller April 21, 2017

Traditional bar with live music?

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By My Traveller April 21, 2017

Hi! Me and my boyfriend are in Prague over the weekend and have already enjoyed some of the great bar-tips from this site. :) We'd really like to visit more of a traditional bar with live (maybe traditional Czech?) music. I've read about Red room, bit we're searching for something less contemporary and more traditional. Anyone got any advice? :)
Thanks in advance!

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I know its late to answer now, but for next time: Malostranská beseda
Located in centre (at Malostranské square - near by Charles Bridge), but reasonable prices for beer, meals etc. . Almost every day live concert (czech musicians), and if there is no concert there is Theatre performance;)
Local April 24, 2017
Thank you Ralda! We'll defenitely go back to Prague - so I'll keep this recommendation for next time. :)
My Traveller April 24, 2017