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Design market

By Traveller May 4, 2017

Design market

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By Louise Traveller May 4, 2017

Hello :))

I wonder is there any cool market/fair specially for designers (accessories, fashion, etc) , that You can advise?
And where is also an opportunity to participate as participant.

Thanks :)

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2 answers

They do happen but are planned in advance, but I don't know how you'd get in touch. As always, look on the internet.
Local May 4, 2017
Yes, but sometimes it's hard to find, because not always you can find in english.. So thats why I ask the locals who could know something about it...
Hi Louise,

I think the easiest one to enter as a participant is Dyzajn market which is held at the Vaclav Havel Square near the National Theatre 3-4 times a year - here is the link:

Then there is LeMarket held at Manes, twice a year, really good one:

Best one is Design Supermarket at Kafka's house, but due to a careful curated selection it is difficult to enter.

There is also a Mint Market in Holesovice, something at Pragovka and I believe also Vnitroblok organises some markets. So check these out on google too.

Hope this helps.

Local May 4, 2017
Thank You very much Lenka :)
Such a good information :)))
Best wishes.