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Any particular restaurants that are a must-go to while in Prague?

By Traveller May 21, 2017

Any particular restaurants that are a must-go to while in Prague?

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By Anna Traveller May 21, 2017

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If you are into big and nice breakfasts, Café Savoy is a must, complemented with a nice atmosphere. La Bottega di Finestra is also a must if you prefer an Italian-style bistro both for breakfast or for a coffee during the afternoon. For Czech traditional cuisine, I would recommend U Dvou Sester; Kozlovna Apropos used to be also a good option for traditional, although I think that the quality now is a bit lower, but you can give it a try due to its good location. If you are into good vegetarian food please go to Lehká Hlava (is really good! There's a plate for two that is awesome). For Mexican food, Las Adelitas in Malé Náměstí is excellent option, with very good prices even with its very centric location. And for a good coffee, you can go to EMA Espresso Bar, mamacoffee or Kavarna Novy Svet (this one a bit far but you can go if you're in the surroundings of the castle; it's in a small lovely street).
Local May 21, 2017
Hi Anna, there are many good restaurants and only depends on your taste and preferences.

I can recommend:

1) Dish
2) Louvre café
3) Eska
4) Café Savoy restaurant
5) Ristorantino da Matteo
6) Mozaika krystal
7) Mincovna
8) Lehká hlava
9) U modré kachničky
10) V Zátiší restaurant

(please make a reservation ahead)

Hope this will help you at least a bit:-)

Enjoy your meals.

Local Guru May 21, 2017
I wish I knew more of what you are looking for and price range. I haven't been to many of the pricier ones, except for La Finestre, which has truffles as a specialty. I like La Gare, near Masarykovo Station for the atmosphere. I mostly eat at cafes and bistros.
Local May 21, 2017
It really only depends on your taste and budget. For Michelin-star experience, you could try La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, Alcron or Field. If you want affordable top quality, I would go for Story or Sansho. Next Door by Imperial is a really great place if you want to try contemporary Czech cuisine.
Local May 21, 2017