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By Traveller August 9, 2016


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By Garv Traveller August 9, 2016

where to exchange koruna czk

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Hi! At any exchange spot really :) I like an exchange spot in Panska street, another good one is in Jindřišská street - both near Wenceslas square :)))
Local August 9, 2016
Thank you so much Anna. very helpful :). Looking forward to come to explore Prague
The easiest thing is to go to an ATM and take it out of your regular bank account with your debit card from your own bank. Mine is Bank of America. Some ATM don't accept some bank's systems but that has only happened once to me. You can also go inside the bank to a teller. There will be a small fee. I think joints on the street are dodgy and everyone says to stay out of them.
The korun coins and bills are very pretty and most things seem pretty cheap, depending on where you are coming from.
You can tell I am not a fan of apps. ;-)
Local August 9, 2016
Thank you Carol. it is helpful :)
Hi Garv,

the best place is Exchange in Kaprova 14/13, Prague 1. Very close to Old Town Sq. If you download their leaflet and present it on your mobile, you will get a better rate.

You can also download their QR code. I dont know what works better for you

Kind regards.
Thank you Dana for your tip. helpful. I read your blog, very informative. will help in my travel.
May I also ask where to get a local sim card with good price and one with good network area. cmg for 4 days
Hello Garv, there are 3 telco providers in Czech Republic: T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2. I am using Vodafone but the prices for temporary services/SIM cards are most likely very similar. So if you want, you can go to Vodafone and ask for a suitable plan or if you really just want a temporary SIM card for texting, calling and some data, you can also go to any tobacco shop/grocery and get one. Hope you will be satisfied :-)
Thank you Gavr for this kind feedback!!!