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Weekend Brunch

By Local June 17, 2017

Weekend Brunch

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By Julia Local June 17, 2017

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Hello Julia,

there are many very good and nice places for brunch in Prague and only depends on your budget, preferences and the location where you are staying (nobody wants to travel too far to have a breakfast, right?:))

I can definitely recommend these places:

Cafe Jen http://www.cafejen.cz/
Café Lounge http://www.cafe-lounge.cz/en/
Pastacaffé http://pastacaffe-vezenska.ambi.cz/en/?land_off=1
Home kitchen http://www.homekitchen.cz/en/
Místo café http://www.mistoprovas.cz/en/?setLg=en

Hope this will help you a bit.

Take a look at my website for great suggestions of places to eat. There are also many outdoor cafes and places near the river.


Dobro chut!
Local June 17, 2017
Well, I certainly like to eat and especially brunch, so I can sleep late. Several favorites are mentioned in my website (www.uniquepraguetours.com): Café Slavia, Café Savoy, La Gare, Styl & Interieur, and Palais Art Hotel. There are also places near the river. Dobro chut, as they say here.

Local June 17, 2017
Cafe Savoy if you like french or english classics, the price is a bit over average but really worth it, and the portions sizes are good!

Also Eska in Karlin I could recommend.
Local June 17, 2017