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Fitness in Prague..

By Traveller August 5, 2017

Fitness in Prague..

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By Natalie Traveller August 5, 2017

I am in Prague for 10 days from tomorrow, staying in the Vinohrady area, and I'm looking for any good gyms, fitness classes (ideally boxing) or running clubs/events near by.
Any recommendations appreciated!

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2 answers

Hi Natalie,

A little late for me to a reply but check out that helps you find a gym no matter where you are. If you find a blue pin on the map you can buy access to that gym and thereby conveniently get access to the gym! Hope this helps!
Traveller June 12, 2018
Very old school gym. Boxing and kickboxing. But great staff there. Been having 1-1 personal training, but they have classes too.
Traveller August 6, 2017