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By Traveller August 14, 2017


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By Phoebe Traveller August 14, 2017

So im going to prague in september with a friend. We are both 18 and students and dont have much money to spend whilst we are there and i have become very worried about the scams - especially the restaurant scams! We have chosen a few places in non touristy areas which advertise food for about 100-150czk for lunch which we have built into our budget.

How common is it for them to see we arnt english and speak no czech and then charge us so much more?

We know the basic rules such as always ask for a typed itemised bill and choose off a menu. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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The worst scams are taxis--don't use them, they are all crooks.

Nowadays, a receipt is required for any purchase so just look at it at the register before you pay, having a rough idea of what it should be. Leave a small tip on the counter or give to the server, a 20 crown coin should suffice (about 75 cents. Most places with youngish servers speak English. 100 crowns/CZK is about $4. You can also buy food at little potravinnys which ar e everywhere and run by Vietnamese.

Add-ons cost extra, such as catsup. Bottled water is more than beer or wine. What they call homemade lemonade is just water with a spoon of flavored syrup--not worth it.
You can contact me if you have a problem:

My website has suggestions of places to go, and photos. The trams and Metro will take you any place you want to go, and you are very unlikely to encounter a ticket checker. They lurk in metro entrances, looking for people,males usually, with dark skins, sorry to say.

You will be absolutely safe anywhere at night, but keep you wallet, etc, zipped into an inner part of you purse.

Have fun--it is a great city! Carol
Local August 14, 2017
Hi Phoebe,

Lunch menus out of the center can range from 100 to 200 CZK.
You can find plenty of restaurants in the Vinohrady, Smichov and Dejvice districts.
The price is always indicated on the menu so you cannot go wrong.
To be on the safe side, just check with the waiters.

You should not have any problems with that.
Local August 14, 2017
Thank you ❤️