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where to "breakfast"

By Traveller August 31, 2017

where to "breakfast"

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By Bo Traveller August 31, 2017

Hello, me and my sister are going to Prague in a couple of days and we were wondering if there were any cheap places to go get breakfast (not far from the Czech Inn Hostel).

Děkuji, hope you have a nice day

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you choosed perfect location in the town! This is "hipster area" ;-))
I think the best choice for breakfast is browsing through street (Krymská, and "your" street Francouzská), there are many cafes there, so choose someone that you like it!
Local September 1, 2017
Hi Bo!
when i first time came to prague i tried the The Farm Letna in korunovacni 923/17 and still the best for me.

enjoy your stay
Local September 1, 2017
Hello Bo,

you can also try newly opened Bistro 8 Vinohrady (they have two localtions now, one in Holešovice district and the other one in Vinohrady close to Žižkov TV tower).

Mezi srnky is another great breakfast option or check Kaaba.

Enjoy your stay,
Local Guru September 1, 2017
Hello Bo, congrats to pick a nice location for your hotel and have a chance to get to know the real Prague life, as you are in a quarter called Vinohrady where a lot of locals live and there are a lot of cute cafes. Next to the hostel, there is a pleasant cafe Slagr, they have amazing cakes. Coffee source cafe nearby is a great option too. Otherwise in the city center, for breakfast, I love Cafe Louvre or Cafe Savoy or Hunger wall cafe.
Wishing a great stay.
Local September 1, 2017
La bottega for Brunch is amazing you can see their location here: http://www.labottega.cz/. It is posh restaurant with a lot of great food.
Local September 6, 2017