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I plan to visit Prague in January and have some question:

By Traveller November 14, 2017

I plan to visit Prague in January and have some question:

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By budi Traveller November 14, 2017

1. Is it the right time to visit? Is the winter is friendly for Indonesian?
2. What kind of place and activities that we can see/do during winter?
3. How is the convenience way to explore the city?
4. where is the best area to stay?
5. What is 'must' place to visit?
6. What is the best transportation to travel from prague to Cesky Krumlov and to vienna?

thank you very much for your help

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1. Winter is cold in Prague, be prepared!
2. You can visit all the sights in the winter just dress warmly.
3. Public transportation will be your best friend, just get a pass at the airport or Hlavni Nadarzi for the time you plan to stay. I wouldn't recommend trying to skip buying the pass, the police always catch people. But don't underestimate walking! It's a very walkable city.
4. Prague is a lot smaller than you think, and easy to navigate. Get a trans pass for the public transit and you will be fine staying anywhere.
5. Go to the top of Petrin Hill and Letna park, even in the winter, the views are great.
6. The best way to get to Cesky Krumlov is on a bus, and you can take either a bus or train to Vienna. Try RegioJet if you can, it's a lot nicer than Flixbus.
Local November 14, 2017
It is quite cold and you should bring a coat or jacket, gloves, a knit hat and scarf, but it is not unbearable and there are some sunny days. The best way to see the city is with the tram and metro (subway) systems. Buy tickets from tabak shops or machines in every metro station. Never take a taxi--they will cheat you. Best way to Cesky Krumlov is train or bus. Nice is winter is the lack of tourist crowds. Look at my website for suggestions of what to do and where to go: uniquepraguetours.com. Have a great time.
Local November 14, 2017