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Where can I find genuine moldavite for sale?

By Traveller December 18, 2017

Where can I find genuine moldavite for sale?

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By Jonny Traveller December 18, 2017

I have wanted to buy moldavite for a long time but am wary that there are many pieces out there that are not genuine. Is there a crystal shop or outlet you can recommend?

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Hello Johnny,

It is had question, because we (locals) usually don!t buy this stuff that much.
There are more places you can get it, try to avoid buying it in the central part of city (Old town) as these are really touristy souvenirs, overprices and not sure about the quality.
There is 1 I know not too expensive: http://www.krystal-praha.cz/

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Try Drakkaria: Rašínovo nábřeží 52, Prague. drakkaria.cz
Local December 18, 2017
Hi Eva, many thanks for the info.
what a pity, in early December there was a huge selling exhibition of minerals in Prague! :( I dont know outlet, because what I have known, its closed now:( I know only eshop (each mineral is to sell with certificate of authenticity) https://naturshop.cz/en/catalog/search?fulltext=moldavit

I found, that in Drakkaria - store for historical replicas- are selling true moldavits as well, this store is at Rašínovo nábřeží 52 (its almost central Prague) https://www.drakkaria.cz/sperky/vltaviny-sperky-vyrobky/?vp-page=1
Local December 18, 2017
Hi Ralda, many thanks for your reply and the information.