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Is febuary a good time to travel to prague?

By Traveller January 29, 2018

Is febuary a good time to travel to prague?

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By Kamal Traveller January 29, 2018

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Thank you for ur help carol
Traveller January 31, 2018
Hi Kamal,

It can be a cold month, but it hasn't snowed for the past few years. Most of the castles and tourist spots outside the city are closed until spring but there is still plenty to do in the city.

Look at my site to see if I could design a day for you, to see the high points of what are on offer. Another day should be spent visiting the Prague Castle and that area on your own.

You will find it both beautiful and interesting here.

Thank you,


Local January 31, 2018
Hello Kamal,

February is not very popular among tourists, it is cold and grey month. Benefits of February: the city is definitely less crowded and hotels much cheaper. Days/weekends around St. Valentine can be busier and hotels more booked.

There are enough activities you can still do even during this low season. Most important places/sights are open all year round and you can always warm up in some cozy café.

Have a nice stay.
Hey Dana

Thank you for your reply...!!! A friend and I are planning to cisit pragur next month. Couls help me with some tips/inputs in planning my trip.
Kamal Traveller January 29, 2018
Sure, no problem, just write me until Friday, then I am leaving for holidays:)