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Airport to City at night

By Traveller October 6, 2016

Airport to City at night

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By Connie Traveller October 6, 2016

Hi, if my flight arrives just before midnight. What's the correct bus, bus stop and transfer routes to get into the city (Wencelsas Square)?

Thank you

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2 answers

They have a van now that says 'to the city center,' with a set fee, right at the airport curb. I don't know anything about it but it sounds safe, with the fee announced in advance. Remember that 25 crowns equals a dollar, so 150 crown is $6.

Then, the best option is to take the bus, farthest down the line of buses, at the next curb, that will say metro (probably) and is # 119 . Get on, pay with a ticket you can get from a vending machine right there at the stop (24 kc) and it goes to the Veleslavin metro stop. Follow the crowd to the steps to go into the underground. It is A/green line. Stay on until you get to Mustek, which is a huge metro station in the heart of Vaclavske Namesti (Wenceslas Square). Come up to street level. The exits are marked to Vaclavske (no English, sorry) but even so, it is disorienting to know just where you are in or near the square. You can ask. Your only problem is that I don't know how late public transport runs--longer on the weekend.
WARNING: TAXIS ARE NOTORIOSLY CROOKED. If you must take one, ask IN ADVANCE how much it will be. It should be no more than 400 kc/$16 tops. Once they have your bag in the trunk, they can demand any amount they like, no matter what they said before and if you are a lone female, you are really at risk. They play dumb that they only speak Czech. The city police know all this and do nothing. So good luck. But the city otherwise is totally safe at all hours on the street.
Local October 31, 2016
Hi Connie,

if you don´t catch the last 119 bus, you can use night bus number 510. It stops in front of the Terminal 1 and 2 and takes you downtown. You will get off on I.P. Pavlova stop and from there it is 10 minutes easy walk to Wenceslas sq. (Václavské náměstí in Czech).

For any ride from the airport at night I recommend 32 CZK ticket (valid 90 minutes). I was checking answer of Carol bellow and she said to get the cheaper one but I would not risk this. Intervals of metro at night can be longer and 30 minutes ticket (24 CZK) would not be enough.

Have a nice stay.