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Great fun!
I've been on plenty of tours in Europe but this was by far the most fun. It's something totally different and laid back. It felt much more like going around the town with a new friend than being on a traditional tour. If you like trying new things and having a few good drinks this is a must do in Prague. Nataly is great. She's friendly, funny and very knowledgeable about absinthe.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Super fun, tasty, and informative!
Wow, we had a blast! We decided to go as a family (we're all of age) and I figured it may be tough to appeal to a variety of ages/personalities but Natalie did a fantastic job of keeping us interested throughout. Her passion for this really shines through as she takes you to some fantastic Absinthe bars and provides you with history as well as tasting tips on the tour. Would recommend for anyone visiting Prague that is looking for a unique and eclectic experience.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Knowledgeable and personable service
I would definitely recommend it!
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Great tour
Took a tour with my fiancé and her mother. Natalia was a lot of fun and very informative. She was right on time and was very fast with email responses. We had so much fun, we booked another tour 2 days later
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Amazing Tour
She knows her stuff! One of my favorite things and favorite people I met while i was in town. She is so good as a tour guide I booked another tour with her before I left. This is a must do if your in Prague!
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Excellent Tour
Whether you are a newbie or a veteran beer drinker this tour is for you. Wonderful variety of tasting options, exposure to local pubs, and guides with a wealth of knowledge.
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
Green fairy with Natalia
Nataly was the best of guides. She was very knowledgeable of all things Prague, not just the absinthe scene. She took me to some unique locations for an exceptional experience. I highly recommend her.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Informative and adventurous
My family and I loved the absinthe tour with Natalya - the history, the ritual and the fun! We appreciated learning how to drink absinthe properly and the lore behind the potent and beautifully bottled liquor. We learned, we tasted and we were together having fun as a family with our young adult kids- highly recommend
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Flexible agenda
Great tour. But very modified from was originally presented. I wanted a completely new setup and we did agree on a new agenda, which was very informing about Check life and economy. Evove your fantacy and ask your guide to till in the blanks.
Welcome to Prague!
Magical tour around the Green Fairy's Lairs
Wonderful tour around the absinthe bars of Prague. Natalia is a lovely and engaging guide, full of knowledge and enthusiastic about the city. It's an intimate tour and you find yourself talking about everything under the sun. Try absinthe the traditional way, the Czech way and even absinthe beer in various magical green dens across the city. Highly recommended for anyone already familiar with the green fairy or curious about trying the mystical drink.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
A wealth of knowledge and really fun
As it turns out I was the only person booked on the Green Fairy Absinthe tour, but Natalia was happy to show me around on my own. She had a fantastic knowledge of Prague and Absinthe and the nightlife area from a locals perspective. We got along fantastically as she is just one of those people you can talk to for ever about anything. She is more than just a great guide, I feel like I certainly made a new friend.
Can highly highly recommend this tour and any of the others than Natalia hosts.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Great Tour!
Our guide, Tomas, took us to 4 places that were local and off the beaten path.. We had a small group of approx 10 folks from Norway, US, South Africa and more. Tasted many types of locally brewed beers and ate fried bread, pickled sausage, marinated camembert, strudel and other things (I didn't taste the cow tongue, but others did). Tomas was a great guide. We are a bit older and had to work at times to keep his fast pace, but I would gladly do it again!
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
I wish I could give this 6 stars!
Amazing!!! Such agreat Tour and great value for money. We were so fortunate to have a small group just 2 couples total. We learnt about beer, Prague history and went to breweries that we probably never would've found without a local. We tasted several beers and local foods.

Our guide Eugene was amazing.. so knowledgeable and made the tour entertaining and easy to enjoy!

Book this tour! You seriously won't regret it!
Prague Beer Tour: Unlimited 3-Hour Tasting
Knew some good breweries
He did a good job making it fun and lively
Prague Beer Tour: Unlimited 3-Hour Tasting
Don't be one of the boring tourists and visit Zizkov
If you are sick of the typical touristic places-to-go or things-to-do, this is what you gotta check. Zizkov is the upcoming 'hip place' of Prague with history and beers. No astronomical clock or Charles bridge, but those are not all about Prague and there are the true local things to see that make Prague more Prague-like. It was a great experience with a guide with full of love for Zizkov.
Beer Tour in the Žižkov District of Prague
Priceless experience
I cannot say enough how amazing and priceless our experience was tonight on the beer pub crawl. We had great timing and were able to capitalize on our adventure as it was a small group. We had a fantastic tour guide that was full of interesting and exciting history of the culture and life of Bohemia. The pubs we visited were so cool and rare as you could never find anything as quaint, relaxing, and fun places in the US. Most importantly Zizkov is off the beaten path of the crazy tourist scene. It is so worth it and I strongly encourage you to step out of the stereotypical tour of Prague. Walk through and explore Zizkov.
Beer Tour in the Žižkov District of Prague
Great tour guide!
The tour was super fun and the tlur guide very knowledge. If there is one area of opportunity I would have to say is for you to coordinate alternative transportation in case of rain.

Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
Fantastic tour!
Our guide Martin was awesome and super knowledgeable on both beer and Prague. The food was wonderful too. We really enjoyed our night out on this tour and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore Prague.
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
5 star. It was excellent.
Czech Beer Tasting Tour With a Local Prague Guide
I cannot give the guy less than 5 stars :) I had amazing time. Martin was amazingly funny and knowledgable guy. I cannot even remember every single detail and story he said with such a passion about the Czech beer. We visited 3 places with plenty of delicious locally brewed beers while walking thru magical Prague streets. At the last stop I was explicitly offered to order as many beers as I wanted on top of the ones I already had, but 9 beers so far were more than enough for a girl like me :D Here I was also given a local small meal which I really enjoyed. It was definitely worth the money especially due to the fact that I wouldn't be able to even find those great breweries on my own - plus at one stop also a local brewmaster guide us thru their premises and explained us the brewing process. Simply said - I loved it and would recommend the tour to the others! :-)
Prague Beer Tour: Unlimited 3-Hour Tasting

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