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Opening Time of Otavalo Market

By Traveller January 5, 2019

Opening Time of Otavalo Market

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By Gary Traveller January 5, 2019

Hi, I just have one day free in quito next month. Is the Otavalo market open on Monsday?

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the market is open every day, but Saturday is when all people comes to buy and sell and this day is full.
Monday you will find in the square some local sellers.
Local February 7, 2019
You should go there Sunday. Monday is way to reduced size...
Local January 16, 2019
Hi, yes, there is a permament marketplace that you can visit, although the best day to go is on Saturday, because all the town is plenty of vendors from other communities.
Local Guru January 10, 2019
Hi Gary! i didn't saw you message.
The Otavalo Market open at the 9:30am-17:00 all week

If you visit tell me your experience, i didn´t visit yet.
By the way: sorry for my english hehe i do my best ;)

Local January 10, 2019
Hi Astrid, I'll be in quito next month and hopefully I'v visit Otavalo market on Feb 25. Welcome if you would like to join. By the way, I saw very decent English expression from your answer. :)
Hi Gary, Otavalo has a permanent marketplace all the week, however the main day is on Saturday where beside the Plaza de los Ponchos market, all the streets are plenty of vendors. It is normally open from 9:00 to 18:00.
Local Guru January 5, 2019
Ah, that's great. Thanks Fabian for the very useful info.