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Learning Spanish and familiarizing with the culture

By Traveller April 17, 2019

Learning Spanish and familiarizing with the culture

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By Mahmoud Traveller April 17, 2019

I plan to spend a few months in Ecuador learning Spanish and familiarizing with local life, Any suggestions on how to plan for that? I speak Arabic and English if anyone is interested to learn.

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Thank you Gisselle for your tips!
Traveller April 19, 2019
Hi Mahmoud, if you don´t speak Spanish (nothing at all), I recommend that you get to Quito or Guayaquil (but more safer is Quito), these cities can offer you a better start with you Spanish.
I suggest that if you come to Quito and have a project in mind, contact this space of coliving and coworking https://playhousequito.negocio.site/

Good luck!
Local April 19, 2019
Thank a million Alex for the advice.
Traveller April 18, 2019
hi, mahmoud, in Quito there are many places for learn spanish, maybe you have to check some social proyects or voluntiers where you can help locals and learn spanish.
one example: Inti Sisa http://www.intisisa.com/
or in the ecuadorian jungle https://www.amazoonicorescue.org/
in Quito there are some spanish school that offer voluntieres too..

Best regards
Local April 18, 2019