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places in quito

By Traveller February 29, 2020

places in quito

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By sandie Traveller February 29, 2020

while in quito last year we visited a musical theatre/museum and I am trying to trace where it was. I have some interior photos.
I also have a photo of a statue outside cafe de theatre - man sitting on wall I would like to know who he is.

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If the second is an old man with wearing a hat and sat in a bench in front of the National Teather, his name was Ernesto Alban (1912-1984), considered the first national actor. He created his own theater's company that was very famous all around Ecuador since 1940s until his death. His most popular plays were the "Estampas quitenas", comedy plays criticizing the beaurocray and the local politics with elegance. The first description maybe is the MUSEO DEL PASILLO, dedicated to "pasillo" rythm, composers and singers. It is located on Bolivar and Garcia Moreno st.
Local Guru March 1, 2020
Thank you. Yes the statue is outside the theatre.Fascinating info about him as well. I have just looked up Museo del Pasillo and that is where we visited - I found a photo showing a harp which I also took a picture of! Thank you so much. Am I able to post other photos here for identification?
I have a photo of a 4 storey red brick building on a street corner with pillars and flags flying. Any ideas?I can not find any images of it anywhere.
Hi Sandie, is this building in the Historical area? That is more difficult to know.
probably. It is on a street corner . The ground floor has grey brickwork and closed grey shutters. The first floor is red brick with white round the windows and also has little balconies . The largest is on the corner and has double glass doors. The second floor has 5 flags. The first is the european. the second looks like USA. the third is yelow and blue? the next looks red and the final is I think Italy.Again there are balconies and red and white brickwork. The top floor is just a large corner, again with glass doors and white arches.It is next to a white fronted hotel with a blue sign.Outside is a large brown roofed bus shelter.Canadian flag; US flag and italian flag are also at one of the side balconies.Does this help?