Heroes Monument Independence Square ringed by spheres and chains

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By James Traveller September 2, 2016

The stone spheres at the base of the monument are connected by heavy chains and form a ring around the monument. What is the significance of this ball and chain imagery and what is its relevance to the Heroes Monument?

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Hi James, the spheres are made of marble and represent the old Spanish colonies tied by chains. The authors were Adriatico Froli, Jean Baptiste Minghetti and Francesco Durinni Vasali.
Fabián Local Guru September 3, 2016
Hi Fabian... I knew intuitively that the ball and chain image related to imprisonment (non-independence). I asked the question because when I was there at the Square, I did not see a break in the chain (implying the achievement of the freedom of Ecuador). This is why I was curious as to the meaning of the continuity of the chain around the monument. Thank you for your response ... My view is not intended as a critique of the monument. I enjoyed being there and admired it greatly.
James Traveller September 3, 2016