Traces of Quito: A Historical Walking Tour


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Quito is a city of contrasts with a milenar past. This is a tour that will make you discover the Ecuadorian Capital from different angles and perspectives, starting in its Pre-Columbian Past, passing through the World Art History.

Duration: 4 hours
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Tour by Fabián
Local Guru

I'm a National Tour Guide of Ecuador specialized in Culture and Heritage of the Historical District of Quito.

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  • Society of Jesus Church
  • San Francisco's Church


This tour will start in the Independence Square. Even though the origin of the current square dates back 1535, not all what we have around here is colonial. The idea is to discover all the different architectural styles of the buildings surrounding the square such as the Presidential Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Plaza Grande Hotel, the Archbishop's Palace and the City Hall.

Then we will get into the current Metropolitan Cultural Center in order to go upstairs until its two terraces with the aim to see some interesting details about the geography and architecture of the historical city. Did you know that the Arabs conquered the Iberian Peninsula in 711 AD and stayed there until the Christian re-conquest led by the Catholic Kings of Spain in 1492?

Do you know what the Andean Philosophy means? What are the real principles of Islam for Muslims? What are the similarities between Arabian and Andean philosophy?

If Quito was conquered by the Incas as the official history says, where are the Inca traces? All of these questions and much more are going to open a very interesting dialog about the history of Quito and its monuments.

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