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What are your top 3 local thing to do?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

What are your top 3 local thing to do?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

I’ll be travelling to Rauma soon, and I really want to dig into the local culture. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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1. While visiting the old Rauma, have a look at Rauma from above and visit the restaurant at the water tower located on one of the highest points of Rauma.

2. Eat Lapskoussi, it's a local dratitional food originated from ships from the sea, where ordinary soups where dificult to eat on rough seas. You can have it everey Friday at Rauma city theatre's restaurant.

3. See the archipelago of Rauma, visit islands Kuuskajaskari (old military base), Kylmäpihlaja (lighthouse) and Nurmes to see it beautiful nature.
Local June 8, 2018
1. Visite Reksaari
The oldest tourist island in Rauma. On this island you can observe a great variety of birds and flora. Also there are daily activities for children. Possibility to lodge in a cottage or a shed. Tel (02) 8234804, 0400 717 244. Water bus connection to the island twice a day.

2. Go to Yyteri beach (6km of the sand dunes) to try kiteboarding, nature hiking, golf or just enjoy swimming and taking sun.

3. Try the Rauma Blues Festival, which has been nominated the hottest roots event of the summer.
Schedules and access : http://www.raumablues.com/index_en.php?currentPic=0
Enjoy your stay!
Local May 24, 2018
If you want a cup of coffee before noon, go to Market Square. You will see people standing around a small kiosk - this is where locals meet and have their morning coffee.

The Church of the Holy Cross is beautiful medieval stone church.

If you want to explore World Heritage behind the scenes, try one the digital heritage routes. If you are more to sports, I recommend our national game called pesäpallo. Local women´s team Fera play national league in Otanlahti stadium.