How to eat great on a budget?

By Traveller July 18, 2016

How to eat great on a budget?

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By Howard Traveller July 18, 2016

So having found out that it will be 3x the cost of food back home, I'm open for any pointers for places to buy groceries and eat out.

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For groceries try to avoid small 24/7 or 10-11 shops and look for bigger supermarkets like Krónan or Bónus- I think they are open until aroun 17-18h. To eat out cheap the shops at gas stations normally have quite OK quality burgers, sandwiches hotdogs and so on, for a aceptible price. I wouldn't go to fancy restaurants unless you have the budget, maybe leave the gastronomy trip for the Mediterranean or other more budget-friendly destinations. No doubt you'll love the island despite the food cost :)
Traveller July 18, 2016
Gas stations... Interesting. Never thought that would be a place for good frugal eats. Thanks for the info!
Normally those kind of shops are expensive but in Iceland for some reason no. Also you the bakeries are good option too, they have big selection of both delicious sweet and salt bread and pastries.
Love bakeries! Thanks!