Trip to Reykjavik

By Traveller August 23, 2019

Trip to Reykjavik

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By Michael Traveller August 23, 2019

Hey everyone,
Me and some friends are thinking about going to Iceland for vacation. We have breaks in December and March, and were wondering what a good time for a vacation is. Thank you very much for any responses.

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Desember is dark almost all day. March is a bit brighter.

Local August 23, 2019
Oh that's good advice! Thank you!

In the middle of December you have 4 hours of daylight but in the middle of March it's way more
In December, as Þórhildur said, it will be dark for around 20 hours a day, but that also gives you a better chance to see the northern lights and even go skiing or snowmobiling, if you're into that. I can't really say about March, some years it's snowy and some years it's not. You might catch the northern lights if you're lucky, but you'll have more daylight and better driving conditions most likely.
Traveller August 23, 2019