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10 Tips for a Party Weekend in Riga

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Coming to Riga for a party weekend? This guide will give you tips where to eat, drink, party and sleep.

Guide to Partying Like A Local in Riga

16 places
You can't really decide which party place to choose in Riga? Well you shouldn't - go around and enjoy the variety of options we have in this town! From a folk party, to the groove, to 111 kinds of shots in a single bar - that's w…
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Riga In Style

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There's something about Riga that gives this stylish, trendy feel. Coffee is the new wine (we still love wine, though), cakes are still perfectly normal to enjoy and we have no problem with obesity in this country, so we can. And…
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Vegetarian, vegan or just healthy

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Everybody knows that it’s extremely tricky to eat healthily while travelling. Lack of knowledge about local food and restaurants often leads people to familiar places such as McDonald’s or pizza joints – not exactly the healthies…

Guide to Soviet Experience in Riga

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Just like the other Baltic capitals Riga has experienced the soviet occupation and architecture from this period is still largely present around the city. These are some of the highlights that will help you learn about the soviet…