jurmala riga

By Traveller July 16, 2018

jurmala riga

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By Tom Traveller July 16, 2018

I am 2 days in Jurmala and 3 days in Riga ..

What should I visit? where should I go out?

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Thanx girlssss..much obliged!
Traveller July 17, 2018
It really depends on what you are interested in.
In Riga you can enjoy everything from good coctail bars (The left door bar, XIII, Magnum or The Modernist), exhibitions (usually some really good things are at the National Art museum, the Art museum Bourse and The Fashion museum), and dining out (Andrejosta near the river where you can find lots of restaurants) until wake board in Lucavsala or wondering around the Art Nouveau district.

In Jurmala beach is the answer to everything. You can find some fancy places in Dzintari or Majori or some privacy if you go to Lielupe or the other direction. Food tends to be pretty pricey due to a lot of Russian tourists. But I really enjoy restaurants Line 36, Laivas or Lighhouse. Aquapark in Lielupe is fun as well.
Local July 16, 2018
cool .. we'll try the lighthouse .. Im not really arty Im more likely to visit one of the war monuments like salaspils or latvia under occupation
This small museum of Žanis Lipke, saviour of the jews during the WWII is pretty interesting as well: http://www.lipke.lv/en . Besides, the surroundings of Ķīpsala, where this museum is located, is very nice.

Also try this Museum of Occupation (KGB building). http://kgbbuilding.lv/ . The website is poor but you can get the idea. At least for the Latvians this place is very emotional.
Inga Local July 16, 2018
Jurmala, the beach is very nice, you can try the light house restaurant on the beach.
And line36.
You can rent bike and do bicycle on the beach.
Local July 16, 2018
thank you we ll try to bike the beach :) is there any public transport from jurmala to runsdale or do you need a car?
Hi. Not sure that there is. Better is to drive by car, so that you could see some cool places on the way)))!