Which park? :)

By Traveller December 14, 2018

Which park? :)

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By Vera Traveller December 14, 2018

Hi y’all! We are in Riga this weekend (untill monday) and we were wondering if it is worth to visit one of the national parks (to kemeri / turaida (by bus or train)... Is it also necessary to get a guide?

The second question is if anyone is available for a nice tour maybe? :)

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Hi! Kemeri and Turaida you can get with train. Cheap and fast :) Kemeri bog trail is one of the most famoust place last years, so there will be a lot of people :) Kemeri also ir interesting place from history side - abandoned resort, interesting architecture. About Kemeri you can look at maps: http://www.kemerunacionalaisparks.lv/images/files/Kemeru%20karte%202015%20UK%20int.pdf and http://www.kemerunacionalaisparks.lv/images/files/SlokaENw.pdf and http://www.kemerunacionalaisparks.lv/images/files/DumbrajiENw.pdf

You dont need a guide for these places.

But, if you want see some nature place what is not easy to get with public transport, and even places what not all locals know, but what is worth to see - you can contact me :) Will be glad to show you our nature values, and with less or without people :)
Local December 19, 2018