Tattoo costs and place

By Traveller February 17, 2019

Tattoo costs and place

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By Nita Traveller February 17, 2019

Hey! I was wondering what the price is for a small tattoo in Riga. And where to go without making an appointment (thanks!)

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Greetings, Nina!

I’m not in this business, but the min price ( doesn’t matter how small is the tattoo) in the salon will be 50 euro as far as I know.
Of course, overall price will depends on the size and complicity of the art.

There are quite a few places, I would suggest to select Vadim Tattoo. I have a lot of friends who made tattoos there and all of them are very happy with what was done)

Other master is
But she is usually busy so nothing last min will work most probably. But always can be checked.

Other option is girl ( she just did a tattoo for me and I’m happy with it)) who is doing tattoos as well. You can contact her and ask for a price for yours ( if you have a pic/ drawing).

Hope it was helpful.

Local February 17, 2019
Thank u!
Nita Traveller February 17, 2019
Hey, best place to make tattoo
Local February 18, 2019