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By Traveller January 16, 2017

fast food

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By Paulius Traveller January 16, 2017

Hello everyone, I am interesting if Riga has good fast food restaurant like kebab, pica, taco ? Thanks for your answers

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There are some options.
Fontaine DeliSnack is long time favorite
For kebabs I can recommend Pakistan Kebab and
For pizzaa, try,, or picudarbnica.
There are also lot of burger places
Local January 16, 2017
Whatsapp +31 643819680
Local March 22, 2017
If you end up in so called Silent centre ( of Art Nouveau district ), there is a lovely family run business - a pizza place PiraniJa. Pizza, pasta, salads, local beer. And perfect home made deserts. 2 min walk from Art Nouveau museum in Riga. .
Website is Latvian only, but staff speaks English. Enjoy! :-)
Local February 1, 2017
Reply (also good interior) (better for ordering, one of the oldest pizza places in town, not so good interior) (old town)

besides the fast food, and if enjoy the fish - there is Zivju lete

another cool place outside the oldtown -

locals like Piens (simple food), they do not have a page, but the adress is Briāna street 9. And there is small beer factory on the other side of building, and another local beer shop on the third side. It is quite popular place to hang out, and on Wednesdays there are the best party in town. Everybody is there.
Local January 17, 2017
You can try to find tacos at Klondaika Tex Mex or better - make your own, cause they're easy to make and if you make them with love - they'll be the best thing you've ever had!
I guess best burger I ever had when I was eating out was at Burger Story.
Best Pizza - Picu Darbnīca (relatively cheap if you buy 3 pizzas or More)
Best Kebab I ever had - Istanbul Kebab.
Wok place and sushi - I would suggest Tokio City or Wok to walk (takeout)..or make your owns asian foods. In that way you can choose and know every ingreadient and the quality.

Local January 16, 2017
We have a lot of Čilli pica places in Riga, just like in Lithuania. But also Pica Lulu is nice - they serve pizza by slices, but it's rather expensive.

Have not heard of any good Mexican places, that serve tacos etc

For kebabs - as people already mentioned Pakistani kebab, but I also enjoy Turkebab
Local January 16, 2017
Reply Pakistani kebab is a place local youth swear by - definitely a must to check out. otherwise, we have hesburgers, macDonald's, and also KFC has opened recently in the old town. hope this helps.
Local January 16, 2017