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By Traveller August 2, 2016

places to visit

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By Vilius Traveller August 2, 2016

Hi, I just came to Riga and will be staying for at least 5 months. Are there any places that show non-comercial movies, or show them in open air?

Also are there any alternative-music clubs with a friendly crowd? I looked around a little bit, but would like a locals input

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I suggest Shot cafe in old Riga and there are open air movies at Spikeru quater (
Local August 3, 2016
Hi, Vilius.

Non comercial movies usually showin diferent places. For example in Kaņepes cultural center ( Skolas street 15, Riga) or in Spīķeri quarter, between the River Daugava and Riga Central Market ( Maskavas street 12k-2, Riga). 03. august In Kaņepes cultural center, at 19:00 wlll show movie in latvian about freedom in Latvia. Then in 04. august at 19:00 will show movie "Kolka Cool", - this movie will be with subtitles in english... In Spīķeri quarter next movie will be show 06. august at 22:30. Very soon will be Riga city festivitu. Please look link in english there will be many offers where to see diferent type movies in Riga for free.... and other offers too.
I hope that something of this information will helpful to You. Best regards! Valdis.
Local August 2, 2016
thanks for a very thourough reply!
Kino Bize shows indie movies, also Splendid Palace (now on holidays). There will be one open-air movie on 11 August in Spikeri - Tale of Tales (in cooperation with Kino Spektrs).
Alternative music - Kaņepe (Skolas/Lāčplēša corner) and Autentika (on Bruņinieku 2). I also recommend Piens Fest in Lucavsala this weekend.
Local Guru August 2, 2016
This cafe, located in the same building as Splendid Palace, shows indie movies:
thanks a lot!

You can visit Bize cinema (search for them in Fbook- @kinobize), they show alternative movies.
If you are looking for open air cinema, visit Jurmala, it is 15-20 minutes drive from Riga city. There is open air cinema called Cinamon.

I am afraid I can not suggest you any alternative music clubs as I am not a big fan of them.

Enjoy your stay

Best, Ieva
Local August 2, 2016
thanks a bunch!