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Looking for unusual / alternative sightseeing in Riga

By Traveller April 8, 2017

Looking for unusual / alternative sightseeing in Riga

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By velvet Traveller April 8, 2017

Hello friends,
My friend and I will be visiting Riga for the first time April 28-30. Of course we want to check out the traditional sights like the beautiful old town, St. Peter's Church, Vermanes Park, etc.
However, I'm also interested in seeing "Alternative Riga" and would appreciate your suggestions. Some of my interests are - Graffiti and street art, dive bars, relics from the soviet occupation, punk rock clubs, abandoned or re-purposed factories, etc.
A few places that sound interesting to me are: KGB Building Museum, Latgales Tirgus Market, and Chomsky Bar.
If anyone has more suggestions or comments about the places above, I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot!

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Wow, those are very impressive! Thanks for posting the links, I'm looking forward to seeing them in person!
I would recommend Kalnciema Quarter (cute local outdoor market). And, by the way, Chomsky bar is closed. It shut down 2 weeks ago.
Local April 9, 2017
Sorry to have missed Chomsky bar, but it seems like there are plenty of other great things to do in Riga. Thanks for the advice about the market!
Other than that, Riga has nice spots related to water. I suggest to go to see:
1) the jetee of Bolderāja (Bolderājas mols in Latvian) - it is not in good condition, but still walkable, you can see remains of soviet bunkers as well
2) the jetee of Mangaļsala - in a better condition than jetee of Bolderāja. You can see the other jetee from there, on the other side of the river
3) Andrejosta - post-industrial harbour area, part of it turned into a trendy zone with posh bars, but you can also find railways, graffitis and nice views of river and vessels
4) Ķīpsala peninsula – local wooden architecture, nice views
5) AB dambis - peninsula on river Daugava, nice and quiet for a walk in sunny weather, reveals a great view on Riga panorama.
6) Zunda dārzs - a venue for events in warehouse and open-air space in post-industrial area, blending with nature. I am not sure if it's open all the time, or only for events, but maybe you can have a walk there and check out

I hope this helps. Enjoy your stay in Riga! :)
Local April 9, 2017
the open air museum just out of town.then the jewish museum
Local February 21, 2018
Local September 19, 2017
Can I just say, this post is the best! I moved here from the States and have been trying to explore what Riga has to offer as much as I can and so far this post has hit on some of my favorite finds, plus a bunch more that I look forward to checking out. Thanks to everyone who has contributed :)
Local May 16, 2017
Yes, thanks to all the people who posted for the excellent suggestions. We had an amazing trip to Riga and got to see and explore fantastic places that we wouldn't have otherwise known about. This is a great website!

I went to Riga lastweek. Here are some of my highlights.
Vina Studija, is a nice bar place where you can drink some of the vinest wine. The people who work there are very nice. The style is kind of Ubran.

BurgaBar is also a nice place to go, a burger place at day and a bar at night.

The Old Town is beautiful and has a lot of nice pubs.

The rest of your interests I didn´t really see because they were not on my list.

Have fun!
Local April 11, 2017
Thank you, Suheyla, for your advice. Glad to hear you liked Riga!
As Kaspars said, Chomsky bar is closed. Places I can suggest for going out:
1) Bolderāja - a cozy book store and bar
2) Aleponija - nice bar, opened about 6 months ago
3) Autentika - bar and underground nightclub, located in territory of ex-brewery
4) KKC - bar, cultural events, cinema, cocerts, DJ gigs. Much more popular than the above mentioned places, but still one of my favourite spots for going out
5) Alternative party area in Aristīda Briāna street 9/11 - industrial premises taken over by bar/club Piens, rockbar Nemiers, tehcno-house club One One, brewery-bar Labietis and Fon Stricka Villa (unfortunately, this villa is usually open only for special occiasions and private parties)
6) DEPO - located in old town. I havent been there, but if you are interested in punk rock clubs, this place could be for you
7) Cafe Leningrad - bar, lots of soviet stuff in design
Local April 9, 2017
Thank you very much for sending the links and for all your helpful suggestions! I am really looking forward to visiting Riga! Cheers!
Under point 5, there's also Valmiermuiža brewery branch.
Thank you for the advice about the brewery, I will check it out!
Abandoned block of hospital in Mežciems- Pamestā Gaiļezera slimnīca. Just copy-paste in google.
Punk club could be depo in Oldriga. You should check Kaņepes kultūras centrs very similar to Chomsky.
Google this as well-pamestā lidmašīna vecajā lidostā. Abandoned airplane in old airport.
Local April 9, 2017
Oh, that's a pity - it looks cool! I wish I could have seen it for myself! Thank you for the information, though.
Thank you for the tips. I googled the abandoned hospital - it looks very interesting! I appreciate the suggestions about the clubs as well. Too bad the airplane is sold, I would have liked to see it!
Here you can see few more ideas or places

For alternative Riga advise you Agenskalns district. Only 15-30 min from center depends of traffic.
As well Andrejsala, Ķīpsala, Skanste while it is building and alternated with skyscrapers and bungalows.
Agree with previous answer as well!
Local April 9, 2017
Thanks a lot for the Facebook link and helpful suggestions!
Chomsky bar is closed unfortunately, but closeby are bars Aleponija and Bolderāja (also a bookstore). All that area around Avotu street is pretty interesting.
Local April 9, 2017
Thank you for the information about Chomsky bar and the alternative suggestions!