Public transport in Riga

By Traveller May 3, 2017

Public transport in Riga

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By Kerttu Traveller May 3, 2017

Is there 1-day cards? 1 hour tickets? Are they for all trolleys, trams and buses? We are visiting Riga for 4 days and need to use public transport everyday. What are the options and where is the best place to buy them (from people who speaks english or russian)? Many questions :) Thank you

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There will be.information about time tickets
Type of ticket
1 one-hour ticket* 2.30
24-hour ticket for all routes 5.00
3-day ticket for all routes 10.00
5-day ticket for one route 9.00
5-day ticket for all routes 15.00
Five 24-hour tickets for all routes, to be used within 15 days** 25.00
*The ticket can be only loaded onto yellow e-tickets.
** Five 24-hour tickets for working days shall be used during 15 days and shall be only loaded onto blue e-tickets, as well as will be activated only if no other types of tickets are loaded onto the e-ticket.

You can get this information in this page

You can buy these e-tickets in newsstands Narvessen -they are everywhere.
Local May 4, 2017
It is definitely cheaper to buy tickets in Narvesen kiosks, rather than in the transport from the driver. There is a Narvesen kiosk in the airport / railway station / bus terminal. Everybody speaks English for sure. Usually Russian also is not a problem.

The ticket is called E-talons.

I would recommend you to by 20 trips ticket for each (20.70 eur), which should be more than enough for the first couple of days, and then to see how many more trips you will need to buy additionally for the remaining time.

What is really important buying multiple trip tickets, is to ask if it is also valid in the mini-buses, because some types of tickets are valid only in buses+trolleys+trams, but not in mini-buses.

You can see more here:
Local May 3, 2017
Thank you for answering. Is this also a reasonable option: ?
(5-day ticket for all routes 15.00)

Yellow ticket for 3 or 5 days?
Yes, this is an option, but this is the case when the ticket is not valid in mini-busses. But you can still use buses, trolley-buses and trams, just keep it in mind. Probably you will not even need mini-buses as they actually duplicate most of the current routes and there is always an alternative transport to take.
Everything you need is here:

including routes and ticket information
Local May 3, 2017
Thank you :)