good or bad pubs

By Local August 1, 2017

good or bad pubs

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By Darren Local August 1, 2017

I'm taking my wife to Riga in September. Any pubs to avoid and any recommendations

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Avoid pubs on Kaļķu street 22 and 24.
Recommendations - depends on what you are looking for. Folkklubs Ala, as previously recommended, is a good place. A lot of popular places outside the old town. Valmiermuiža beer on Aristida Briana 9 and Labietis microbrewery (same building but entrance from backyard).
Local Guru August 1, 2017
Ala ( and Rock Cafe ( are great and loved by many locals.

Avoid the usual touristy places, especially if they have people on the street telling you get "free drinks" if you go there.
Local August 1, 2017