Budget for 3 days

By Traveller September 5, 2016

Budget for 3 days

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By Meg Traveller September 5, 2016

hey, I am coming to Riga for 3 nights and already have a hotel, what kind of budget is ok in Euros?

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you can dine in economic places like McDonalds, Hesburger, KFC, go with a public transport etc Than your budget should not exceed 20 EUR per day. But, if you go to nice shopping centers, dine in a restaurant, it will, of course cost you.
If you have 300 EUR, you can feel safe for 3 days in Riga.
Local September 9, 2016
I am thinking of enjoying some nightlife, and some good food, and beer, like a boys kind of holiday enjoying abit of the wild side..
Traveller September 8, 2016
I think 20-30 Euro per day would be OK.
Coffee 3 eur, beer 3 eur, local burger (Streetburger) 5 eur, sandviches (Narvessen kiosks) 2-3 eur, lunch (daily "business" offer) around 5 eur, order from menu - average 10 eur. In grocery stores (Rimi) you can buy different salads 2-3 eur.
Museum tickets are around 5 eur. Public transport 1 ticket 1,15 eur (can be bought at Narvessen kiosks) or 2 eur (at the driver's).
Local Guru September 6, 2016
It depends of what you whant to to here?! nightlife, culture or smth else...
you can just walk aroud old riga and it will cost you nothing :)
Local September 5, 2016