What are the tipical dishes and where can we have them ?

By Local March 8, 2018

What are the tipical dishes and where can we have them ?

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By Maria Local March 8, 2018

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Most of our cuisine is influenced by German or Russian cuisines and with a little exceptions is mixture of those two.
Any fried pork dish (pork chops, ribs, minced meat balls etc) with boiled potatoes and cream sauce would be traditional everyday meal
Potato pancakes with sour cream with or without meat filling
Sauerkraut - a little sweeter than traditional German
Meat pasties, called pīrāgi (typically with bacon and onions inside)
Different boiled potato based salads mixed with mayonnaise with fish or meat and pickles
Baked Apple or cottage cheese pie with/without whipped cream mostly served cold


local chain with quite authentic food and reasonable prices
Local March 8, 2018
Hi, this place is also popular for local dishes: Folkklubs Ala: https://www.likealocalguide.com/riga/folkklubs-ala-pagrabs
but I have heard reservations are required there.

Fine dining segment: try Valtera Restorans
Local Guru March 8, 2018