wednesday night

By Traveller March 26, 2018

wednesday night

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By Stefan Traveller March 26, 2018

Where should on go to party on a Wednesday night ?

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welcome :) hope you find something that you enjoy! :)
Inta Local March 26, 2018
i hope also :)
forgot to mention that i am not into live music :) i know i am not easy with my likes :)
hehe... :) well.. it's okay to be picky.. :)
in rock-cafe they have different rooms with different music (as far as i remember)..
you can check out also
Inta Local March 26, 2018
btw is the period i am coming a bad period regarding partying due to easter ?
i don't think so (not a big party-person, but i guess i saw quite a lot of events on weekend)..
it's just wednesdays are not yet party-days :)
more action happening on thursdays to saturdays
Inta Local March 26, 2018
Iconic Latvian electronic music Dj Ksenia Kamikaza will play in craft beer bar Walters & Grapa this Wednesday. Dont know how long she'll be playing but parties sometimes last all night there. Only thing, it's a small place and sometimes is not very crowded
Local Guru March 27, 2018
Hi! To be honest, there will be quite poor choice for parties on Wednesday. Riga is not that big and if you want 30+... Most "commercial" clubs, like Coyote or Just open only on Thursday. For indie house you can go to Teritorija club or One One, but they open only on Friday. In Kanepes it's always full of people but also - DJ play only starting from Friday.
Local Guru March 26, 2018
Folk Club Ala has authentic and fun dance evening on Wednesday. Of course, it all depends on what you call "party", what music you prefer, etc. There are plenty of different places in Riga and you can choose the one you prefer.
Local March 26, 2018
i am more into commercial / pop music and house. Can you give me a list of like 3-4 places that are busy on Wednesday nights . Btw i am in my mid 30s so i would be looking places with people ages ranging from 25+. Thanks
Rock Cafe and Cuba Cafe are nice (the ones from Inta's comment).
thanks for your reply. ill try be more specific so you will probably help me more effectively. .
1. I dont like live music.
2. I am more into Pop - Commercial - House music
3. I am looking for a place that will be open until morning hours since i will land at Riga around 23.00pm

Hi! Try "PIENS" or "Omas Briljants"
Local March 26, 2018
Yes i have read a lot about piens but i am not sure if its my type. Is there anyway we can have a small chat somewhere ?