Homestay Riga and possible Jurmula or Sigulda

By Traveller October 9, 2016

Homestay Riga and possible Jurmula or Sigulda

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By Willemijn Traveller October 9, 2016

Me and my family are traveling tot Letvia in the beginning of
November. We want to stay with our 2 small children with a local family / host. So we can learn more about the country and meet new people. Surfing on the internet (homestay) , I could only find 1. But this is already booked.
Were can I find more homestays?

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Thank you very much. I will use your suggestion. Again thank you.
Traveller October 16, 2016
I think its a large problem. Latvia is relatively small, only 1,8 mi inhabitants.

Looking the same thing in Thailand.

This big country with population of 66 mi has only 167 possibilities.
Local October 14, 2016
You should look better for a small family operated guesthouse. That will lead you to the goal you want to achieve in your trip. Have a nice stay in Latvia!
Aldis Local October 14, 2016
What dates are you planing to visit Riga? And could you give more information about your plans and family?
Local October 9, 2016
Me and my husband are 35 years old and we have two small children (9 months and 3 years old). We are staying in Latvia for a week. We arrive in Riga 4th of november and we planning to stay here till 7 th. Then we want to go to the countryside.
We like to travel and get know the country which host us for a small period of time. As we are now traveling with young children, we are looking at new ways to travel? I'lI think a homestay will be very suitable for us. A place that feels a little bit like home and a host who can tell us about his/her country and interest.