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Full Riga tour 13/11/18
Super tour. Aurels our guide was very knowledgeable and we learnt such a lot. Well worth he money and would recommend to anyone. Thank yoj
Full Riga tour
Informative Tour
The full tour around Riga was very informative on the historical, cultural and modern life of the city and of Latvia in general. Aurels is very knowledgeable and is passionate about sharing with others. He was very professional, friendly and easy to communicate with. He asked me beforehand whether there were any specific places that I wanted to visit. This tour was by car and therefore is especially recommendable to those who may not be able to do a lengthy walking tour. I recommend Aurels. You won’t be disappointed.
Full Riga tour
Brilliant time learning to kayak and seeing the sights!!
Riga at Night Kayak Tour
It's a good choice if you are in a rush
We hopped on a spacious van at 9am. Mike was our guide and brought us to the spots accordingly. He explained history of everything and we were happy to talk to a local like him.
Pity that we are traveling in mid-October, as we headed to the last location at Trakai, It's almost dark and we skipped that one. (we spended another day to visit there.)
Riga–Vilnius Sightseeing Tour Bus
Bus tour from Riga to Tallinn
We booked bus tour from Riga to Tallinn on 22-Oct-18. This is the best way to visit at the attraction places with the stories from our guide. Restaurant that our guide took us for lunch was very nice, also good food.

Thank you for nice trip.
Riga–Tallinn Sightseeing Tour Bus
A nice day in a autumn forest
We started in the old city center. Quickly we went to the Island of Ķīpsala. Here we had a nice view of the old city. The guide explained something about the buildings that we could see from the vieuw point.
After a short round on Ķīpsala and seeing some nice restored buildings.
Than we started our journey to Jūrmala. It was a long but fun ride. Nice rouds throu the forrest.
Jūrmala has very nice buildings, only al the new appartmentbuildings aren't very nice the old houses are very nice.
If you aren't sporty the way back to Riga center is a hard task. So we went by train. This wasen't very expensive.
We had a nice day and learnt some nice things about Riga and Jūrmala.
Jūrmala Beach Bike Tour from Riga
Fun activity with in a beautiful and relaxed sorrounding
See how Tiga is at night from a totally different kind of perspective
Riga at Night Kayak Tour
Amazingly Eye Opening, Wonderful Guide!
We loved our Soviet tour and learned so much!! Really cant imagine my trip to the Baltics without having experienced it. -Sarah
Soviet Ghosts of Riga Walking Tour
Was fun. Very nice sparkling girl. Loads of history. Top bad we couldn't taste some more of the local food.

Latvian Food Tasting Tour at Riga Central Market
Great tour
We were a party of 4, first time in Riga, and found the tour to be very enjoyable. Agnes had a wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humour. We found the tour to be interesting and were glad we took part. It was good to hear all the history behind the Central Market and the history of the Latvian people and their relationship with food. Would recommend this tour, especially for those first time visitors.
Latvian Food Tasting Tour at Riga Central Market
Guide was rude
The kayak tour was both great and beautiful but our guide was not. He seamed to be irritateded the hole time but we were just usual tourists. We didn't Do anything wrong. Om time we thougt he wanted to have our help with getting the paddel, the he shouted at us "get out of my territory" It didn't feel so good when we just wanted to had a good time. He was like that the hole trip. We really loved to kayaking at night but I will never rekomend this man.
Riga at Night Kayak Tour
Excellent, knowledgeable & thorough tour of Riga's Soviet past
An outstanding tour of the parts of Riga where Soviet history comes alive. My guide was professional and personal-able. Highly recommended.
Soviet Riga Walking Tour
Exceptional way to travel.
Our guide was fantastic. He was full of information and was even able to share local culture.
Riga–Tallinn Sightseeing Tour Bus
Mike : a five star guide !
we enjoyed the trip especially because of the very positive assistance of Mike.
A swift driver, good company, very social but paying attention to our privacy:
he gets a five stars !
He communicated us his enthusiasm for his country by telling us the legends to make us understand better the national searching for identity.
Nobody imitates Brezhnev better than he does !
He is remarkably mature for his age and polite : a promise for a country that suffered history.
The trip was interesting, apart from the military museum - but that,s from my point of view of course. He went out of his way to please us and was open to any of our requests, adapting smoothly to our wishes. He,s a good singer too !
We couldn’t, dream of a better guide : Mike, you,ve reached the maximum of
our satisfaction! Keep up this high level and work on the negative impression local people gave us by being very unfriendly and stern : nowhere in the world
we had this so negative impression of locals ! One day we even counted the
people that smiled : 4 in total !!
Listening to the other passengers they had exactly the same opinion, so we started joking when arriving in Tallinn : smile cause we,re out of Riga !
I,m sure the younger generation will change this attitude and will welcome
tourists in a more positive way : the price of goodies to buy was immediately adapted to european standards (included the Traveller bus fee !!) not the attitude though, which is a pity cause tourism is a very welcome income....
Smile and you,ll be in for a better living !


ps. just take away the central market from the to do list !
Riga–Tallinn Sightseeing Tour Bus
Perfect bike tour showing gems a bit outside from the city center.
Daily Bike Tour of the Real Riga
Very nice day-trip from Riga to Vilnius
Im very glad I could do this trip and visit places in Latvia and Lithuania I couldn’t go to on my own.
Laura, the guide was very positive and interesting. Everything was on time and according to plan. Only good surprises!
I just consider that Kaunas wasn’t that interesting (sorry) compared to other places and passing it would allow to spend more time, in Trakai castle for example.
Anyway I would definitely recommend this trip to whoever wants to discover Baltic countries, patrimony, history and culture.
Thanks a lot for the experience :)
Riga–Vilnius Sightseeing Tour Bus
Excellent tour and guide!
Liga is an excellent tour guide and took us on the "Soviet Ghosts of Riga Walking Tour". She is very knowledgeable and has personal experience from the Soviet times. The tour was very well designed, took us to places of great interest on the subject. After starting close to old town, she took us further out by public transport (all tickets were included in the cost of the tour). She offered us couple of options for ending our tour which was really nice. We had really good conversations on several topics about the Soviet occupation and also current situation in the Baltics. She also recommended places to eat and things to do. Overall, I would highly recommend this tour if you are interested in the topic and want to meet someone who works hard to give you a great experience.
Soviet Ghosts of Riga Walking Tour
Nice tour
Riga at Night Kayak Tour
Art Nouveau Tour with a Knowledgeable Guide
Liga guided us around Riga in a very comprehensive tour of its Art Nouveau buildings. She even managed to get us into a wonderful building with a stunning set of murals depicting day and night (that was worth the price of admission alone!). We are great fans of the Art Nouveau era but still found much that was new and exciting during this vibrant tour. Highly recommended!
Magical Art Nouveau Tour of Riga
Giving it 5 stars because we can’t give it 10!
This was an AMAZING trip. Our guide, Laura was entertaining, fun & very knowledgeable. She was a good sport and flexible to accommodate the needs of our group. We so enjoyed our time with her. Each stop was something unique and different - well off the beaten path. We highly recommend this trip to anyone traveling between Riga & Tallinn.
Riga–Tallinn Sightseeing Tour Bus

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