Riga at Night Kayak Tour

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Paddle down waterways that are illuminated by Riga’s city lights as you explore the Latvian capital from the water. This night kayak tour takes you along Daugava River, past landmarks and monuments, and then down Riga canal. You’ll see the city from a very different point of view!

Duration: 3 hours
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Had a great time, thank you very much to our guide!
Some useful comments:
- Likealocal confirmation email gave a meeting address near the the church, which was a little confusing. You should meet at the front of the church. Check the website of the actual tour company if you are uncertain.
- Don't be nervous about the workload, even having zero experience and arms like twigs, being in a 2 person kayak wasn't any hassle at all, it was light work between two, with no arm aches or anything the next day (but then maybe my girlfriend was doing all the work! haha!)
- You get offered two choices of paddle - twisted or simple. Don't feel bad if you want the simple one, I tried both, but preferred the simple one for sure :)
- Saw some reviews about anti-bug spray - there were no mosquitoes on our trip, but we had sunny days, but perhaps they spring up after rainy weather.
- They provided a wetbag to safely store some items, but it didn't get wet at all inside the boat, apart from the occasional splash if you are really clumsy with your paddle :D
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Reviewed by John


  • Enjoy panoramic views of Old Riga from the water
  • Cruise past the eerily illuminated Riga Port
  • See Riga’s monuments and bridges dazzling with light in the night sky
  • Admire the city’s sights from a totally different perspective

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Our Riga at Night Kayak Tour is not only popular with visitors, but also with our guides!

Join us on the water and admire the city from a totally different perspective. We’ll kayak along the Daugava River and down the Riga canal at night.

You’ll see illuminated bridges and fountains, lovely parks, famous Riga landmarks – and if you’re lucky you might even spot a beaver or two.

Breathe in the fresh air. Soak in the sparkling-night sights. Enjoy the physical rush of paddling 8 kilometres along Riga’s waterways. And have a tonne of fun!

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What’s included & not included

  • Friendly and professional guide
  • Transport from St Peter’s Church to the starting point and back
  • Life jacket
  • Waterproof bag for your belongings
  • Double or triple seated kayaks and paddles

Meeting point

St Peter's Church entrance (Skārņu iela 19, Centra rajons, Rīga, Latvia)

Reviews from travellers (67)


A wonderful experience
We had a great time. We saw things that we wouldn't normally have the chance to see. (Unfortunately we didn't see a beaver, but other people on the tour saw them). Riga at night from the river is beautiful.
Just GREAT, make sure you plan this in your trip!
After pick up we went to the kayak place and had a quite long explanation... maybe this can a little bit faster and less into details, since most of it is self explaining.
`when in the water, you float 2 hours with just stunning views. Starting in the Daugava River and continuing on the canals.
Make sure to bring a camera and take the time to take gorgeous pictures from the buildings.
Awesome Riga Tour on water
We loved the tour on the river, first we thought that it will be too hard for our hands but eventually it was fun and interesting. The guide was professional and had lot of interesting facts to tell us. Loved the jokes about Estonians and Latvians :) I know that some people have told that the tour was to long for the, yes we finished 1:20 but it was worth it, we loved every moment of this tour. So if you are going to book this tour, to not tell your friend that you are coming to the club with them ;)

Best regards
Great tour guide if you are into dry humor
I am from Latvia and I understand our dry and semi-snippy humor.
The tour was great and the tour guide was even better. My boyfriend and I took the tour last Monday evening and it was a great time. You can paddle at your own pace and the guide will stop throughout the tour and wait for everyone to get there and talk about different locations. However, the tour guide does have a dry humor and some people might not get it. We would give this tour 10/10 -would definitely recommend.
Amazing experience
When on the night kayaking tour with my boyfriend, and it was the highlight of the trip for us!
The tour guide was funny and friendly and the beautiful light at night made the tour really special! I highly recommend going!
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