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football in the favelas

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By Simon Traveller November 11, 2016

I'm doing a photography book on Brazil focusing on football and the passion for the beautiful game I would like to go to visit the favelas to take some pictures of people playing football I know of one place in santa Marta but need help getting there

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It is super easy to arrive there .
It is a passific favela in a good neighborhood in zona sul !! You can get there by bus ! Now take real care if you are going to Copacabana or tô zona norte ! There you can get mugged very easy ! There are a lot of pickpockets and robbers! You should be Attentive with your equipment! I would suggest you to photograph on VIDIGAL OR CHÁCARA DO CÉU! Those are beautiful slums with an ocean view!!! Those are safe and you could take beautiful photos !!! Hope that this tips can help you!
Marcella Local December 11, 2016
it is easy actually. Santa Marta is on Sao Clemente Street, in Botafogo.
Gisele Local November 11, 2016
This favela is in Botafogo. You can get on the subway and go to Botafogo station and walk for like 15 or 20 minutes throw São Clemente Street.
Gisele Local November 11, 2016
Hi Simon,
I recommend Favela Vidigal because of the stunning views of the ocean and easy access. Just take a moto-taxi or van-taxi at Avenida Niemeyer (close to Sheraton hotel) up to the favela. Ask to gett off at Arvrao (meaning big tree at the top).
Have fun!
Sandro Local November 11, 2016
Hi, thanks for getting in touch with me.
I know the Favela Dona Marta very well, do you mean the soccer field on the top of the hill where Mickel Jacson landed with the helicopter?
I have a friend, also a tour guide like me, who lives there and can help us.
When would you like to go?

Best Regards
Tati Traveller November 11, 2016
Hi Simon,

I don´t go often to favelas...but in Santa Marta there´s a NGO from the favela itself which ofters tours in their neighbourhood. Maybe you should try talk to them. I think they might help you.
Check their website

Claudio Local November 11, 2016