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One week in Rio

By Traveller January 7, 2020
Rio de Janeiro

One week in Rio

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By Alexis Traveller January 7, 2020

I'm coming to Rio in the first week of May 2020 with my little brother (first trip for him!).
I would like to take an Airbnb around Copacabana first posto, is it a good idea? a good place to stay?
And, do you have typicals address to listen samba, to watch a football match, to eat brasilian specialities...?
Thanks by advance

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If you want to stay closer to the beach, I think it’s best to stay in Ipanema, closer to Garcia d’Ávila street (between posto nine and ten). I think it’s a better neighborhood to stay. If you don’t mind stay 15min away by subway, I think botafogo is a nice neighborhood full of bars and nightlife (stay close to the subway).

For samba: every Thursday there’s a samba called Samba Independente dos Bons Costumes (SIBIC) at Lapa
And every Monday there’s another one at Pedra do Sal, in the center.

I’m not sure how to buy a football ticket but if you go, make sure to find a game at Maracanã, the biggest stadium and most famous one (if it’s a Flamengo match, you’ll be thrilled)

For food, unthinkable you can find it everywhere. Be sure to taste brigadeiro (in Leblon there’s a great one in a store called Colher de Pau), drink Mate at the beach (it’s an ice tea), taste our typical lunch that you can find in every corner: rice, beans, farofa, Fries and some meat or egg if you’re vegetarian. You can find Açai pretty easily as well, people usually like the one from Bibi. I think that’s it, if you have any other questions, let me know :)
Local January 9, 2020
Thanks you very much for tips Gessica! I'm sure i will have other questions before my trip :)
to eat brazilian specialities look my tips. try to have with your host the tickets to maracana. Samba its ok to go these places listed. Use UBER because taxi drivers are not trustable. They go to China before leaving you at your destination. For food try also "Siri" for seafood ,"À Mineira Humaitá" for Minas Gerais food and "Sabores de Gabriela" for NorthEast food - the best for me.
Local January 8, 2020
Thanks for adress, can't wait to taste!
Copacabana Posto 1 is ok, is in front of Leme´s beach, it is around 1,5 km from subway station and is near a great mall.
To listen Samba you can try Lapa´s bar (Rio Scenarioun and Carioca da Gema). To watch a football match go to Maracanã. regards
Local January 8, 2020
Thanks for tips Thiago !