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Very personable, knowledgable and friendly guide. Delicious food!
Foodie Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Claudio Rocks
It was great to have a "friend in Rio" for my short weekend there. Claudio planned a full day for us to tour the best of Rio and we had a blast. He is very knowledgeable and shared some details and history for most of our stops. All in all, it was just fun to pal around with someone on my solo trip. Claudio is personable, smart, and super easy to get along with. I highly recommend booking a tour with him if you're in Rio.
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Great Day Tour of Rio!
Great way to see Rio with a local guide! Tour tailored to your needs which was so handy. Claudio came to hotel so no need to worry about finding place to meet and was nice to walk around for day rather than be in a bus. I would recommend this tour especially for solo travellers.
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Highly revommended !!!
We did the 8 hour tour with Claudio upon arrival in the city. Claudio gave us a very good feeling, feeling almost as meeting up a new friend.
He is a very down to earth guy, who really enjoys showing his city to visitors.
And we saw and visited a lot !!
For the second day, he gave us recommendations.
We highly recommend to do the tour with this friend in Rio.
Molto obrigado Claudio !!!
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Tijuca Adventure Circuit (Hidden Trails)
The tour - Tijuca Adventure Circuit (Hidden Trails) was wonderful. The tour was confirmed the evening before and Tito, the guide, picked us at the hotel on time. Tito was excellent. He was so kind and he gave us lot of information about history of Brazil, about Tijuca forest and about Brazil in general. We had so much fun, we had shower in a waterfall and we hiked up to Taquara hill which was one of the most beautiful viewpoint I have ever seen. This was truly unbelievable experience to me so I definitely recommend this tour and Jungle me!

Advanced Rainforest Hike in Rio’s Tijuca National Park
Great family activity for all ages!
Tito did a fantastic job showing us the jungle, but also educating us on the history of the land and how that was relevant today. His English was very good and he was flexible and accommodating which allowed for the trip to be enjoyable for all of us, including my parents who are in their 80's. Highly recommend this trip!

Easy Rainforest Hike in Rio’s Tijuca National Park
Beautiful and quiet hike in Rio's forest
The experience with JungleMe was excellent, from the nice e-mail with the last details to the quiet uncrowded forest path the experience was great. I was lucky enough to be alone on the tour with two! guides who shared their experience of the forest, historical heritage, geography of Rio and Brasil, as well as an unexcted but very interesting political lesson. The tour is a must-do in Rio for these reasons, it is a great first approach to the country from all sides for a first time ini Brasil/Rio as well as for a experienced traveller who would like to discover the nature in between the streets of Rio. Thanks again for the tour!

Advanced Rainforest Hike in Rio’s Tijuca National Park
Tijuca Family
It was a really nice and easy trip ideal for going with family. I liked the fact that beside enjoying the nature we also learned about the history of Río de Janeiro. The views were incredible : ) . Recomended: )

Easy Rainforest Hike in Rio’s Tijuca National Park
Very Nice !
We had a very good time hiking in the rainforest of Tijuca with Thiago ! I recommend the family hike if you are a beginner. The guide was very nice and we learned a lot of this about the rainforest but also about Rio in general. Open wide your eyes and you might even see a sloth !

Easy Rainforest Hike in Rio’s Tijuca National Park
Tijuca Forest History Lesson and Hike
My wife and I took the Tijuca Forest Half Day Hike with Thiago who goes by “Tito.” Probably one of the best tours I have ever taken. Highly recommend it if you are visiting Rio de Janeiro. I was expecting a routine hike through the rain forest, but it was so much more. Tito took the time to review the Brazilian History and how it tied into the current rain forest which made the trip extraordinarily unique. It gave much more meaning to the rain forest hike. Along the way Tito helped to bring meaning to various sites along the trail and there place in history. Great experience! Thoroughly enjoyed my day!

Easy Rainforest Hike in Rio’s Tijuca National Park
Amazing Day in the Tijuca Forest!
I had booked the 8 hour Tijuca Adventure Circuit tour which is classified with a difficulty level of "hard". Maybe due to this I was the only one on the tour and therefore scored a private tour just for me. I've had an absolutely amazing day, learning a lot about the political history of Brazil from the colonialization until now, as well as about plants and wild life. The tour took us off the beaten track along lesser known trails. For most of the day we didn't see many other hikers. We've climbed a peak with views to the western parts of Rio, saw several waterfalls and a huge cave. My guide who is also the founder of Jungle Me was incredibly wonderful. I can only highly recommend this experience to anyone into long hikes, nature and great conversation!

Advanced Rainforest Hike in Rio’s Tijuca National Park
Claudio is fantastic!!!
We recently spent two days with Claudio in Rio and had a great experience. We wanted to make sure we saw the major tourist highlights but also got a local feel for the area. Claudio made sure that we got both experiences, and we thoroughly enjoyed the two days we spent exploring Rio with him. Highly recommended local tour guide, he is great!!!
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Best Food Tour I Have Done
Brilliant tour – well planned, well guided, relaxed, excellent guide and very well organised. This is a real insight into Brazilian food and culture and you only scratch the surface – could do another one and still enjoy it. Also, Eat Rio provide exceptional advice on Rio, places to go, where to eat and how to get there – and an excellent summary of what you saw on the tour.
Foodie Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Absolutely a must for everyone interested in great food, local surprises and a great time!
The Eat Rio Tour is a must for all of you interested in tasting really great food, get to know Rio from an insiders perspective and for you looking for a great time around some of the best parts of Rio. Add to this a sightseeing tour that takes you to several of the more famous sights in Rio and you are in for a stunning 5-6 hours. So recommended!
Foodie Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Fantastic tour run by passionate and knowledgeable team!
We went on the tour after arriving in Rio and wanting to learn more about Brazilian food and culture. The process of booking was extremely easy and the team were on hand to answer and questions we had.

We loved every second of the tour as it showed a side of Rio that you would not see without the team’s help. During the tour we sampled a huge variety of traditional Brazilian food and the team explained the significance and history behind each within the Brazilian culture.

Highly recommend to anyone coming to Rio, you will not leave either disappointed or hungry!
Foodie Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Great experience!
Before going to Rio, we heard lots of bad stories, people were telling us how dangerous is there and how careful we should be. Meeting Claudio on the first day being there completely changed our feelings!!! It was great, safe and beautiful!!! He showed us places we probably wouldn’t go on our own, he made it interesting and super tasty (taking us to a known restaurant).

So, don’t think, don’t worry, go to Rio and enjoy 😉

Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
An excellent day
It was great to have a personal guide.We walked and saw Rio instead of through a coach window.Claudio was able to answer our questions first hand
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Claudio is a legend
We had such a great experience thanks to Claudio! He tailor made the best day around a previously unknown city. we got to see everything we had hoped for. Thank you!
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
Balanced tour and pleasant companion
Although, I had vague ideas where I wanted to go on my last day in Rio, Claudio was very spontaneous, showing me additional locations along the way. He seemed knowledgeable and I had a good sampling of few different neighborhoods in the city.
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro
A great day!
I had the chance at short notice to spend a weekend in Rio but didn’t know where to go. Through likealocal I found Claudio. He helped me plan the day in advance and then met at my hotel on Saturday morning. I had a really good day, we saw all the top sights and also some areas I never would have known about - plus a great spot for lunch. I’d highly recommend it!
Full-Day Tailored Tour of Rio de Janeiro

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